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Selina Whittaker Photography

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Welcome to Love Weddings

This is not going to be your everyday wedding. 

It will be a celebration about you.

A celebration with laughter, tears, and dancing.

A celebration of your love.

What is important to you?

Your entertainment choice is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding.

It is quite often the deciding factor on how late your guests will actually stay at your wedding.

Is your entertainment a priority?

Selina Whittaker Photography

Selina Whittaker Photography

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What my clients say

By night's end it was easy to see why they are an award winning service. They say there are three things you should not cheap out on for weddings:

photos, food, and music. Hire these guys!!!

Shelby & Lukas

Your Guarantee

I am confident to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your wedding celebration.

If you are unsatisfied with my services, I will return to you the difference between what you paid and what you thought it was worth, no questions asked.


That is my commitment to you.

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Are you ready to get started?

Pure + Lovely Photography

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